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Viv HairTherapy Vivienne HairTherapy
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Hair Therapist, YouTuber, Entrepreneur
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Viv HairTherapy Youtube channel statistics

Viv HairTherapy
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$ 7 - $ 46
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last 7 days
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19.05.2024 Sun +3,239 $ 1 - $ 7
15.05.2024 Wed +6,355 $ 2 - $ 14
05.05.2024 Sun +8,310 $ 3 - $ 18
29.04.2024 Mon +2,848 $ 1 - $ 6
25.04.2024 Thu +1,887 $ 0 - $ 4
22.04.2024 Mon +3,334 $ 1 - $ 7
17.04.2024 Wed +2,418 $ 0 - $ 5
14.04.2024 Sun +4,039 $ 1 - $ 9
09.04.2024 Tue +3,503 $ 1 - $ 7
05.04.2024 Fri +4,380 $ 1 - $ 9
31.03.2024 Sun +3,985 $ 1 - $ 8
27.03.2024 Wed +3,977 $ 1 - $ 8
23.03.2024 Sat +4,289 $ 1 - $ 9
19.03.2024 Tue +6,717 $ 2 - $ 15

Viv HairTherapy biography

Viv HairTherapy is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to hair care and styling tips. With a passion for healthy hair and a vast knowledge of haircare products and techniques, Vivienne HairTherapy has gained a loyal following of subscribers who eagerly await her new videos. Her channel features tutorials, product reviews, and personal stories about her own hair journey. Vivienne's warm and engaging personality, combined with her expertise in the field, has made her a trusted source of information and inspiration for hair enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your hair care routine or an experienced stylist seeking new ideas, Viv HairTherapy is the go-to channel for all things hair.

Viv HairTherapy controversies

Despite her success, Viv HairTherapy has faced some controversies throughout her career. One of the main controversies surrounding her channel was a hair care product endorsement that turned out to be ineffective and potentially harmful to some users. This led to backlash from her followers, who accused her of promoting products without doing thorough research. Vivienne addressed the issue promptly, apologizing for the oversight and emphasizing the importance of vetting products before endorsing them. She also made efforts to improve transparency by disclosing any potential conflicts of interest in her future sponsored content. This controversy served as a valuable lesson for Viv HairTherapy, and it further strengthened her commitment to providing honest and reliable advice to her audience.

Viv HairTherapy famous quotes

"Good hair speaks louder than words."
"Invest in your hair, it's the crown you never take off."
"Your hair is your best accessory. Take care of it."
"Hair care is self-care."
"Confidence is the best hairstyle you can wear."
"Love your hair, and it will love you back."
"Every bad hair day is a step closer to a good hair day."
"Hair goals are achievable with dedication and the right products."
"Embrace your natural hair and let it shine."
"Your hair is a reflection of your overall health."

Viv HairTherapy partner

Michael Salon is the supportive spouse of Viv HairTherapy. While he prefers to stay behind the scenes, Michael plays a crucial role in managing the technical aspects of the channel and providing creative input. With a background in media production, Michael's expertise complements Vivienne's on-screen presence, resulting in high-quality videos that resonate with the audience. Despite his reserved nature, Michael occasionally makes cameo appearances in Viv HairTherapy's videos, adding a touch of humor and authenticity to the content. Together, Vivienne and Michael form a dynamic team that has contributed to the success and growth of Viv HairTherapy.

Name Michael Salon (Michael Johnson)
occupation Media Producer
Country United States
Age 36
Birthday 10.03.1988
Social links Michael Salon tiktok
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